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Well ..
What I like to watch or watched: Prison break,heroes, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Veronica Mars, gossip girl and i like J-drama as well (I've watched a lot), Anime's

My J-music: 安室奈美恵,Spitz, 椎名 林檎,浜崎あゆみ,加藤ミリヤ,青山テルマ, m-flo,宇多田ヒカル,スネオヘアー,FLOW ,KAT-TUN , モーニング娘。,中川翔子,後藤真希,土屋アンナ,夏川りみ,Gackt, flumpool,Monkey Majik,ONE OK ROCK, etc..

My E-music its depend on my mood well here some: Keane,Snow Patrol,Imogen Heap,The Fray,Coldplay,Death Cab For Cutie,Klimt 1918, Amy MacDonald, Katy Perry, Lily Allen,Rilo Kiley, Placebo etc..

Stylesheet by kuribati
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