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9th-Jul-2009 02:49 pm - Shopping time~

As you see girls am mall addictive XD and I guess its girls thingy, right? =)
Anyone is visiting Dubai, better check the Malls here =D

First I had my coffee in Kozi cafe with my cousin. ( I like to try different cafe's)

Had lunch at Fuddruckers

Did I mention that I LOVE Macarons!! (FORREY & GALLAND) < gonna buy my Macarons hill one day~

we sit and they service us for a chocolates, coffee, tea etc (for free)!! lol

The stuff I end up with:

Did I mention that I like Vans shoes as well XD (collecting the whole colors) but didn't find some good colors =(
so I end up with this 3, but I'm not going to give up, I still have more branch's to check!
and yes we LOVE CUPCAKES!!!

2nd-Jul-2009 02:53 pm(no subject)
Well, I don't know where to start .. n_n'' , I guess I will start with the good stuff first .
Last week I went with my cousin to a japanese restaurant called 'Sumo' and the food was really good ..

Outside on the same area:

The ice-cream looks yummy but I didn't try it XD , afraid to get sick and I did get sick =S..

yes I get sick so bad last week =( but am all better now ..

Yesterday I met one of my best friend, and she give me a late birthday present =P

18th-Jun-2009 01:40 pm - Happy Birthday~
Yay~ my 19th b-day was yesterday, and I had a lot of fun ~

not much to say ;P , but I had a lunch in 'Mugg & Bean' with some cousins .. they sang for me birthday song in english and france lol

Then we went to the GYM, had fun with some friends there .. Since I attend  dance classes there lol ,  and my trainer keep saying 'Happy birthday girl' from the stage .. it feels nice , since everyone were searching for that girl =P ..

In the GYM cafe they try to made me a heart in the coffee latte.. =P

13th-Jun-2009 11:05 pm - ShoPpinG TiMe~
Yes, I was boring last week T_T, I mean I need shopping =P but YAY~ I went shopping few days ago with some cousins ..
I spend more than 6 hours in the mall XD, since the mall is so huge ..
I need to go again, since I didn't buy eveything I want ..

We had our lunch in a restaurant called 'Switch', I like the food and how it organize. The food was so light ..

end up with:

Today I had a full body massage =D, was really good .. I just wanna sleep now .. XD

4th-Jun-2009 11:47 pm(no subject)
Can't say more, I'm so happy =D finally I got it Arena Giant Part Time ....

1st-Jun-2009 12:38 am - 高橋愛
Ai-chan new photobook  "Watashi" is really cute ♥  I wanna buy one =D its been taken in Hawaii as usual =P

This song will used for Anime Expo, its not the real PV , since they are holding a contest make an original PV for this song. not bad song~

Dance version:

Ai-chan version =P :

Yes I like モ一ニング娘。-  しょうがない 夢追い人 new PV , the song is good as well ..

25th-Apr-2009 03:48 pm - ShoPpinG!!
Ayumi + Magz
Yesterday, I spend my whole day in my favorite mall here in Dubai 'Dubai Mall' XD I really had a lot of fun with my cousins  ..
It was so crowded, its Dubai after all always crowded =X

Well lets see, first we went to Vintage. Its a Chocolate bar hahah and cafe as alwasy next to it, this is a routine .. to start my shopping day with cafe .. I bought chocolate for my dad & mum =3 'since my dad addicted to chocolate'

Next step was kinokuniya, but I was so sad, I didn't find ViVi or Sweet aaa~ X( , but we reserve (me and my cousin) and they will save them for us, make me little happy =P ..

well walking in the mall, there was Aquarium and open cinema for kids ..

we had our (dinlunch) hahaha, my cousins creat this word yesterday its mean lunch and dinner .. in one meal .. XD
yes we had it on Boadster dinner . I had cesar salad, it was good ..

I bought for myself present hahaha for my blackberry lol, and end buying this stuff ..

I bought a japanese manga for the first time lol, I will try to improve my japanese ..
21st-Apr-2009 07:26 pm - Finally~
Yay~ I got my BB (BlackBerry) couple of days ago XD ...
I was too busy to post, because of my exams. Today was the last one, I'm happy but not for long since my finals is after 2 weeks from now .. -__-

well lets see today at the university, I didn't know what to have for breakfast so I end up fruits salad ..

This cat is so funny *sleeping* on funny way haha, at sachuko-san house~

we have a small carnival at the university today, so while walking I end up with ..


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